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22 December 2008 @ 03:00 pm
I lit a candle late last night for the solstice and finished reading Hardboiled the first story in Banana Yoshimoto's Hardboiled & Hardluck. It was very appropriate for my mood "you have strange nights no matter where you are. And they always pass. ... When the morning comes everything is back to normal"

Today I have the house to myself, cloudy morning in bed with a book. Afternoon of enjoying rare quiet around my building (no jack hammers, no cars honking, no ambulances rushing, no mechanics singing [i like that one usually tho]). Prepare a buffet for myself: corned beef on rye plenty o' mustard, salad full of arugala red onions tomato, Giant dish of Mac n'cheese, peppermint tea. Everything feels right again (:
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Current Music: birds outside
a bad feeling started last night that isn't gone away yet. it crept up on me out of the blue and, startled by this malaise, i started to cry. "i don't want it to be tomorrow" i said as a strange excuse. He asked why and I gave an answer that didn't feel right, but there was no way to articulate this strange sense of impending Not Good.

Earthly pleasures chased it to the corners of my eyes, wave my hand at it and it flutters away like smoke - temporary safety in friendship and physical happiness. I was so tired when i got home i fell asleep with my shoes and all my clothes on. I slept really determinedly as if it could drive away the presence. But I had to wake up eventually and then the mad house that is this family chugs on.
Can't wait for school to start again so I have a purpose out of the house.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy tonight.
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today is one of those days where i just woke up HUNGRY

biscuits, hash browns and fried eggs with spiracha rooster sauce, jasmine rice and japanese curry, mashed potatoes, salads, peaches, tangerines, cream puffs, chinese food for miles, peeeezza (multiple pizzas cheesy, creamy, pesto-y, garlicky) bring it alllll oon- I'm back baby!

Wanted to scan a couple things i've been drawing lately but initial searches prove my scanner to be misplaced. I'm confused and saddened by this since my room has been pretty clean the last couple months and there aren't many places it could be hiding...
scanner..where are you? D:

[currently reading: Harboiled & Hard Luck by Banana Yoshimoto]
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13 December 2008 @ 08:56 pm
Hi out there,
been a while hm?
I do certainly still enjoy reading my friends list.

Would you like to receive a holiday card from me? Because I would like to send one,
to you!

if you are reading this I'd love to exchange/send mail to you. leave a comment with your mailing address (comments are screened) or email your address to me at camilleforest (at) gmail (dot) com

It's December again. I love the end of fall. Full and tiring days that slip away into cold nights- crawl into my bed like a nest full of intertwined, tossed about, miscellaneous blankets and pillows and just let them settle all about me as they will. my lanterns bathe me in soft colorful light and the wind off the sea has pushed the clouds somewhere else far away so the stars glimmer faintly framed out my window.

I went with two good friends to do some sketching at the American Kennel Club dog show in Long Beach today. in conclusion: DOGS R CUTE!!!!!!!!!!